I’ve Dreamed Of This Day

Kayla & John David – December 15, 2018 | The Venue at Murphey Lane


Winter has come, and yet the love of Kayla and John David burns brighter than ever before. It keeps them warm in these cold, chilly days and makes it all worthwhile because this – this is their time, this is the happiest moment of their life. No cold is strong enough to defeat the flame of love between a man and a woman who will live happily ever after.

Ruby and white dresses flow in the wind, opposed by black suits in front of them. The women laugh together, trying to hide the nervousness while the men joke around with one another, trying to seem prideful even if, deep down inside, they are just as nervous. However, this is what makes it all so special. All these wonderful people, friends and family, gathered together to celebrate one thing only – the marriage of Kayla and John.

All differences are set aside as happiness flows through each and every person present at this beautiful location – The Venue at Murphey Lane. The excited smiles spread across the features of the two love birds can melt even the strongest frozen hearts. Their letters to one another show how deep their love goes; both of them are choked up with emotion and happiness that runs through their bodies as they realize they have, indeed, made the right choice.

Kayla loves John David just as much as John David loves Kayla – everyone can see it, especially their friends and family. Even though Christmas might be close, making kids and adults excited alike, the groom and bride have long awaited this wonderful day, a day that is just as important than even one of the most well-known and highly celebrated holidays. On this day, December 15th, marks the start of something new: the never ending love of the Lind family. Kayla and John David are definitely looking forward to celebrating the upcoming holidays together for the first time as a family.