The Ultimate Adventure

Amanda & Jacob – March 3, 2019 | Amicalola Falls


What a fun, sweet couple Amanda and Jacob are! Jacob has a love for traveling and adventuring, especially to all the state and national parks across the United States. In fact, it was a national park, Glacier National Park, that Jacob proposed to his beautiful bride.

In a letter he wrote and read to her before the ceremony, he said this…

“My love, we made it. Can you believe it’s been four years, three months, and 28 days all leading up to this amazing day. Today is the day that all of my dreams will come true. I get to marry the woman of my dreams and become the luckiest man on earth.”

“Of course the ultimate adventure was Glacier National Park. As you know it is my favorite place and being there with you was hands down the best experience of my life. Not only were we so lucky the whole trip with weather and wild life, that was the trip I got to get down on one knee and tell the woman of my dreams that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.”

And she responded with a beautiful letter of her own…

“To my love, I would like to thank you for being everything that every other man isn’t and that is being so involved and supportive as well as so loving.”

“You are my truest and closest friend and today we become the best of friends as husband and wife for the rest of our lives. With my whole heart I accept you as my husband. I’m so ready for our biggest adventure ever.”

And he responded again in kind…

“I continue to fall more and more in love with you every day. The moment that I see you I am sure I will be a mess because as we know I am a crier. Your beauty combined with my excitement will surely take over my emotions.”

We love it when couples are so madly in love with each other. We know that they will make it through any adventure together!