It’s The Little Things

Ali & Brett – September 28, 2019



We had a blast creating this wedding video at one of our most favorite wedding venues in north Georgia, The Willows Farm.

The weather was strange on this wedding day. We had perfect weather up until the exact moment when everyone was suppose to be seated outside for the ceremony. Then the flood came. We were actually mostly setup with our equipment to film the ceremony when the rain fell. Luckily, the Willows Farm has a wonderful backup plan and we relocated inside and the ceremony continued on with only a thirty minute delay.

“Ali and Brett, you have chosen to be joined in marriage today. The bible states that two are better than one and they receive a good reward for their toil because if one fails, the other can help their companion up again.” ~ the officiant

“Ali, I give you this ring as a sign that I choose you to be my lover, my partner, and my best friend. Till the end of my days, wear it and think of me and know that I love you very, very, much.” ~ a part of Brett’s vows to Ali.

The below quotes are sections of the toasts given by members of the wedding party.

“I count on Ali for anything and everything. Although Ali is a strong willed, tough girl on the outside, she has a heart of gold. Her love for her fur-baby, Bibsgy, which Ali says she doesn’t think she’ll love her human babies as much as him, her love for her family, and her love for Brett is undeniable.

When Ali first introduced us to Brett, the first thing we said he left is… Ali wasn’t joking, he’s a giant! What we didn’t know at that time was so was his personality. He’s a big teddy bear with an even bigger heart. I’ve seen over the last two years they way Brett looks at Ali and that’s when I knew that Ali was the one for him.”

“You know the kind of guy who can brighten a room, a mood, a conversation, a day, and all throughout growing up through, school, college, the years after it didn’t matter where we went, what we did, everyone was just drawn to the big guy.

A couple years ago he met Ali and I knew right away it was serious. I knew that he knew that she was the one. And it wasn’t because he talked about you all the time, because he did. And it wasn’t because he was so eager for you to meet everyone, because he was. It was little things… he started to mature, he started to focus, he started to think a little bit more long term, he got serious about his career, he’ll only forward me two or three Facebook links I don’t care about now, so you’ve done great work. You’ve done excellent work.”