About Us

Hi! We’re Jeremy and Tracie Grizzle a husband and wife photography/video team.

I (Tracie) graduated college with a photography degree in March of 2001. I took classes before digital photography was a thing. Now that kinda gives away my age. Oh well, I’m very glad I learned photography the old fashioned way!

I am stay at home mom and a full time photographer so I stay pretty busy. Life as a full time mom and a full time photographer has its challenges but I really do love everything about it. I consider myself a godly woman as I feel I’m nothing and can do nothing without my Lord and savor. I am by no means perfect. I yell at my kids, I get frustrated at my husband. I can be a little over the top about things. I call myself OCD but I’ve never been formally diagnosed. LOL! If I have to choose between fixing my hair and doing my make up or staying at home in my pj’s, I’m more than likely going to choose to stay at home.

One thing that’s unique about me is I have an identical twin sister. Btw, if you see her, thinking it’s me and she’s not very friendly don’t take offence. I think I’m a lot friendlier then she is but she would beg to differ.

I feel one of the reason I love photography the most is that memories are so important! The reason I say that is because I have lost some very important people in my life. The older I get and the more people that go to heaven before I do the more I realize how important it is to capture these special people in our lives so that our future generations can remember them with us.

We have 2 beautiful children God has blessed us with. Gavin is our oldest. he’s 12 and Gabriella is 2. Yes they are 10 years apart, well 9.5 years to be exact. They were not easy to come by and I don’t tell this often but I have PCOS and it causes me to have fertility issues along with other health issues. That explains why they are so far apart in age but really I love that they are. I feel like we got to spend one-on-one time with Gavin before his little sister came alone and now he’s such a big helper.

We love to watch Gavin play soccer, he’s so good! He amazes me on the field every time! Gabriella is a lover and a cuddlier, she always wants to be where you are. We are going into the terrible twos now and trying to potty train so please say a prayer for us!

We love to photograph and video Weddings! We also love to capture high school seniors and families. We always strive to capture your personality in every photo or video. We want to capture photos and videos that are timeless, something you will look back on 10, 20 or even 50 years from now and love them just as much as you do today.