You Healed All The Broken Pieces

Rebekah & Donald – September 15, 2019



We truly enjoyed creating this wedding film. The Willows Farm is just simply one of the best wedding venues in north Georgia.

One of our favorite parts of a wedding day is recording the love letters that a couple exchanges. On this wedding, however, we were running short on time to prepare for the ceremony and the photographer was hesitant to do the letters. I assured her that letters don’t take long and that it would be over in five minutes. We’ve recorded many of the letter sessions before and even if the couple writes a full page or two, it still doesn’t take too long to read it.

But little did I know that Donald had written more than just a page or two. He had written several. And I’ve got to tell you, hearing him read it to Rebekah was a truly magical moment. Here is just a few pieces of what they read to each other.

“Rebekah, my love, my best friend, you have taken a broken man who didn’t believe in true love and you healed all the broken pieces of my heart. The best blessing a man could receive is an amazing and compatible woman that is his equal and that is what God has given me. September 15, 2019, this day is going to be one of the best days of my entire life.

“To my one true love on our wedding day… You have shown me what love truly is both how to give and how to allow myself to open up. To be vulnerable and to receive love. You are truly the best man I have ever known and I feel incredibly lucky to call you mine.

So as I walk down the aisle I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m walking towards my future, my forever, to you. The one and only man I can and will love, cherish, trust, and lean on both now, tomorrow, a hundred years from now, and into eternity. I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life and I cannot wait to say I do and to be able to call you mine forever.”