How To Look Your Best In Your Wedding Films

When we talk about how to look your best on your wedding day, we are going to focus our attention on the getting ready portion of your day because, once all the hair and makeup is done and you are in the hands of your photographer and videographer, you are already going to look your best.

But what about that portion of the day before you’re all completely dolled up, before your photographer gets to take you to the most picturesque places on the grounds?

Window light baby!

If at all possible we want to avoid the ugly, yellow light of incandescent or florescent bulbs (especially those straight overhead) and we want you to be in front of a natural light source like a window. The larger the better. Now, we don’t want sunlight streaming in and hitting you directly but we want that natural, indirect, outside light.

Your makeup artist may balk at moving you away from the mirrors and the ugly, yellow lighting. Hopefully they won’t. Most are great and will understand that you are going to look best in your photographs and in your film if you have the beautiful, natural light.

So see if your getting ready location has some natural light coming in, set a decent looking chair in front of it and bask in the natural light as you get pampered by your hair and makeup artist and you’ll look amazing while it’s getting done!