Tips for Great Looking Engagement Photos

HOW TO LOOK YOUR BEST DURING YOUR ENGAGEMENT SESSION       ENGAGEMENT SESSION TIPS We know that your engagement is such a special time in your lives together and you may want to commemorate that with some great engagement session photos. We talk about the many benefits of having [...]

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Do You Provide the RAW Video Footage?

Do you provide the raw video footage? What is "raw footage" exactly? It is the unedited footage taken directly from the videographer’s camera. It has no color correction, no cuts, no off camera audio, and it’s filled with unused and unneeded footage footage that never makes it into a finalized wedding film. Many people confuse [...]

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The Importance of Engagement Sessions

The Importance of Engagement Sessions I wanted to take a moment and let you know the main reasons why we offer complimentary engagement sessions with all of our wedding packages. Most people see the obvious, immediate benefits. After all you are getting some beautiful memories captured during a very important time [...]

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Our Wedding Albums

Leather & Hardcover Wedding Books Our wedding albums are designed in house with beautiful, custom designed layouts that you just won't find with other photographers who probably use software to generically layout your album. View one of our wedding album designs here Contact Us to find out more about our amazing wedding books! Premium Grain [...]

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