What is Photo Video Fusion?

It’s a new product to hit the wedding services seen.  With the advent of these new DSLR photography cameras that can also film stunning HD video, came the natural evolution of photo video fusion.

Essentially, a second photographer on your wedding day can quickly flip back and forth between photography and video giving you a great mix of both!  And what you will end up with is a short video combining (or “fusing” together) both photos and video clips into a great little video keepsake!

It’s the perfect length video to keep on your phone or tablets and to share it with friends on your favorite social media platform.

What photo video fusion is not…

It is not full blown wedding videography.  While photo video fusion will capture a ton of great wedding moments on film, it won’t capture every single one from start to finish like fully dedicated videography will.

Photo video fusion also does not include recorded audio from your wedding day.   Your fusion video will be set to music but unlike full videography, you won’t be able to hear any spoken vows or toasts, ect.  Recorded audio takes a good deal more equipment, preparation, and time and is only included in our full videography services.

Why get photo video fusion?

If you would love to have some gorgeous, keepsake video clips from your wedding day but don’t want to splurge on full videography, then this might be a great option for you. 

Plus, this is just an incredible value because our fusion videographer doubles as a second photographer! Yup! Our cameras can shoot both video and photography and its very easy for our husband/wife team to switch between the 2 throughout the wedding. We are very proficient with both video and photography so you get some video and a 2nd shooter for a little bit more than the price of an additional photographer. Sweet!

But enough explaining. ..  why not just watch a photo video fusion example below.