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What should you do with your digital images?

Digital images are great. They are yours to keep forever (hopefully). You can have fun posting them on social media. You can have them turned into prints anytime you want. What could be the downside, right?

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but digital images do come with a lot of downside if you don’t use them to their full potential.

I’ll talk about one of the downsides here and what you can do about it. And later, in a subsequent post, we will talk about some other things that you should do with your digital images.

Downside #1 – Digital images are not a tangible product.

Every time you want to see them you have to turn on some digital device and view them in their digital realm. And this may be fine for a while but guess what happens later. It becomes a chore. Something you will get around to later. I know what you are thinking… you are thinking that it doesn’t take that long to turn on a device and find your images so that you may view them. And while that may be true, we are now living in an age where life is super fast and decisions are made even faster.

Think about your activities online. Viewing your email, websites, social media, flipping from one destination to another. You see something you don’t like, you move on. 1 second. You see something you do like, you stop and view it. 5 seconds. And the cycle continues. 1 second here. 3 seconds there. And you are making your decisions on what to view or not view in a split second. It’s super fast paced when you think about it right? And if you are anything like me, if its something that takes longer than just a second or two to view, I’ll move on to the next thing.

The solution… have your images printed. But even better than just printing a bunch of 4×6’s that are just stuck in a drawer somewhere out of sight, have some enlargements made to hang on your wall. There is just something so special about having pictures of your most precious moments hanging on your wall so that when you get up in the morning and see it. And later when you come home from work and walk in the door and boom… there it is. Always there for you to see first thing… the Reason.

The reason you get up in the morning. The reason you go through the mundane of life. And you are instantly reminded of it. Even after a hard day at work. No… especially after a hard day at work. It gives you peace. If puts a grin on your face and joy in your heart. And that my friends is worth it all.

It won’t happen this way with just digital files. The images are not in full display to make you feel warm and fuzzy when you walk in the door. You’d have to find them. Now where are they again on your hard drive? Do you remember where you placed that flash drive? Are you even going to bother with finding them so you can view them at that point in time? Probably not.

One of our favorite print options for home display is canvas gallery wraps.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

canvas gallery wraps

It’s beautiful canvas prints wrapped around a wooden frame to create a stunning 3-D work of art. Gallery wraps ordered from us come with the most accurate color, the tightest corners in the industry, and ready to hang with a hanger and wall bumpers.

Here are a couple of gallery wraps that we just recently got of our family and we hung them up in our living room. We absolutely love coming home to these!

family gallery wrap