Tracie and I are super stoked about finishing up our first promo video but it did cause a certain amount of trepidation for us.

As strange as it seems, neither one of us like being in front of the camera, even though we love being behind it. And you would never know it from meeting her (because she is very outgoing), but Tracie has a fear of being in the spotlight. Get her in a social gathering and she will be the loudest most talkative of the group. But ask her to get in front of that group to speak (like on a stage or, in this case, on a video) and she gets extremely nervous. Go figure!

Myself, on the other hand, grew up the shy kid in school. I was always the quiet one. Still am most of the time. I too have always had a fear of speaking in front of others. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to rationally overcome my fear and purposefully do things outside my comfort zone. I now teach the adult Sunday school class at my church which has helped tremendously.

And so here I am, the shy, quiet one trying to convince Tracie, the loud, out-going one, to make a promo video with me. And let me tell you, I barely got her to do it. She was very nervous and constantly asking “can’t we just do a video without me speaking”.

But here you can see our creation and a few our outtakes as well. Enjoy.