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This has to be, without a doubt, one of our favorite weddings of the year. Mallory and Colby are, sincerely, one of the nicest couples we’ve had the pleasure of working with. And both of them are great story tellers as you can see in the wedding film above.

Sometimes we have couples who do not want to speak on camera, which is totally fine. Sometimes we have couples who do want to do a little interview on camera where we usually ask the bride and groom a few questions and then get their responses on film. And then we had Mallory and Colby who wanted, not only to speak on camera, but they each wanted to tell a story. The story of how they met and the story of the proposal.

And what they ended up with is a totally unique wedding film centered around their special stories.

The wedding and reception at Frogtown Cellars in Dahlonega was simply gorgeous and the decor was totally unique because, again, it was based and centered around their story. In this case, the story of how they met. That is why you will notice scrabble letters and maps as part of all the decorations. When you watch the video you’ll get it.

But our absolute favorite moment of the night, and there were many, was when Colby takes the microphone and you think he is about to give a toast and speak a few words but it turns into a huge surprise (at least for Mallory and us because it seems everyone else was in on it) when Colby tells her he is going to say what he wants to say with a song.

And the music starts playing and Mallory is ecstatic as she realizes that Colby is serenading her. But then she gets an even greater surprise when she realizes that not only is Colby singing to her, but all of the guests are in on it and they are singing as well!

It was such an amazing moment that we just had to center the reception portion of the wedding film around this spectacular moment.

It is moments like these that make you so glad that you spent the extra money and had it professionally filmed so that you can relive these moments again and again for the rest of your lives. And sure, there is no replacement for great photography, but there are certain moments and memories that can only truly be preserved and accurately relived with video.

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