White Oaks Barn Wedding Film

Adriana & Ben – September 17, 2016

It’s a beautiful September day outside. For any other person it isn’t anything out of the ordinary, just a normal day in their mundane life, however for Adriana and Ben it’s something both of them have dreamed for a very long time. Marriage. It’s finally happening; all those restless nights and tiring days of preparation have come to an end. They’re shoved away to the side, making way for all the good things that are about to come.

The beauty of the day is rivaled by that of the bride, Adriana. Her bright smile shines stronger than the warm sun and her elegant white dress moves freely behind her as she makes her way through the barn. She’s excited – her dream is coming true. She’s a beautiful bride with the most wonderful groom, the man she loves with her entire heart. Adriana can’t contain the happiness when she walks towards the two high wooden gates of the barn. There’s a small space between them and she stops right there, placing both hands on each door. It’s a picture of perfection, of balance born during a time full of positive emotions. Adriana’s gaze is locked in the distance, the cool breeze making a slight shiver run down her spine and yet the smile doesn’t disappear. It only becomes wider as the guests finally start arriving.

The quiet whirring of car engines in the distance stops and less than a moment later, Adriana sees a group of people walking towards the barn. They all look happy, carrying friendly smiles and tear-filled eyes as they glance upon the gorgeous bride.

Family, siblings, friends – everyone is here.

The woman’s smile turns shy, she feels exposed. Then, she sees her future husband and feels a rush of energy. She feels like she can take over the world as long as he’s by her side. When the time comes for them to take vows, she hasn’t felt more certain in her life.

“I do,” she confidently says and gently wipes the tears from her groom’s face. When they’re pronounced husband and wife, there’s a feeling of never-ending happiness that surges through her entire body as her now husband grabs her by the arms and kisses her.

Adriana wishes the day would never end.