Wedding Film in Gainesville GA

Katie & Zach – August 5, 2017

This wedding was amazing from start to finish! It was such a pleasure to be around the happy couple and their loving families. The warmth and happiness they showed to each other all day was heart-warming and sincere.

August in Gainesville is always going to be fine weather. It was reflected in the eyes and grins of everyone present. The love in the whole day was palpable and just heightened the way all felt about each other. We feel privileged to have played a small part in this.

Gainesville First United Methodist Church is the perfect setting for any wedding ceremony. As a large part of the community, the church feels like home to so many. This familiar and supportive surrounding helps people come together. The church was perfect for Katie and Zach to join together as husband and wife. The beautiful backdrop of large stained-glass windows was ideal for this couple to say their vows.

The beaming smiles on the faces of Zach, Katie and all present are all you need to know about how happy these guys will be for the rest of their lives! We feel so blessed to have been there.

The reception was held at the nearby Chattahoochee Country Club, which is a venue that inspires love, warmth and cheerfulness. The quality of the setting and food was the best way to celebrate this special occasion. It oozes class and serenity, which was mirrored by the way Katie held herself all day.

The Wedding Cake made by Frosted Pumpkin Gourmet looked as elegant as the wedding gown worn by the beautiful bride. It was just another picture-perfect touch to the day. Everywhere we looked there were smiling faces and happy people. We were taken in by the occasion and don’t mind admitting that we couldn’t keep our feet still to the sounds of 12 South Band, who had the whole wedding party on their feet.

The day finished in the great outdoors, which was great after a day in the Gainesville heat! Just seeing the two of them walk among their friends, lit up by sparklers against the dark of night set the hairs on the back of our neck on end. A moment that we will never forget.

Florist: Occasions Rising

Makeup Artist: Georgia’s Finest Salon

Coordinator: EEP Events