So I wanted to start writing an occasional post about Tracie and I, and our personal lives.  We are by no stretch of the imagination interesting people.  We are pretty much your typical, boring, but hardworking American couple.

But I thought I would start at the beginning of our story and continue on from there.  Because if you are going to tell a story, why not start at the beginning, right?

I told the story of how I proposed to Tracie here

This is the story of our wedding day.

Our wedding was a typical southern Baptist church wedding.  We weren’t necessarily poor, but like a lot of young couples starting out, having recently graduated from college, buying a home (or in our case building one), getting engaged and throwing a wedding, we didn’t have a whole lot of extra cash lying around for throwing some big, fancy shin dig.  But the truth be told, even if we did have the money, we probably wouldn’t have anyway.

It’s just not who we are.  We are not people who desire attention or wants to be in the spotlight.  I, myself, was particularly very shy in my young age.  I say was because I’ve learned to overcome a lot of my shyness through the years.  And you wouldn’t know it by speaking with her because she is loud and loves to talk, but Tracie is extremely shy when it comes to being in the spotlight. Go figure.

So we were very satisfied with having a small, country church wedding in the home church that I group up in and where we still currently attend today.

The one thing that might have made our wedding a little more interesting was the fact that I sang a song to Tracie during the ceremony.  I’ll Be by Edwin McCain.  It was a total surprise to the audience.  I did tell Tracie before hand because I wasn’t sure how she would react if it was a total surprise to her.  But everyone else didn’t have a clue and they tell me there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.  I wouldn’t know because I was to afraid to look anywhere else but into Tracie’s eyes.

Everything else was kind of standard. We repeated our vows, took a few pictures afterward, mingled a little and had a few refreshments in the fellowship hall and that was it.  I really don’t remember a whole lot of our wedding day to be honest with you.  It kind of went by in a blur to me.  It sort of feels like a dream that you try to recall a few minutes after waking up but you can’t quit remember all the details.  I think the nervousness from knowing I was going to be singing in front of a large crowd kind of blocked everything else out.

But one thing I won’t forget, is how beautiful my bride looked on our wedding day. : )


See… I have proof in case you didn’t believe me. lol


Here are some of the photos that were taken by our photographer, Dave Simpson.  We got a hold of the digital images and went a little overboard with some of the editing.  And yes, it’s true… I never smiled.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t happy. It is just a trait I inherited, that stern Grizzle look. And along with my shyness, I’m learning to overcome it.  I promise I smile more now.