Wedding cinematography has sort of crept up on the scene in the last few years as this beautiful but still mysterious art. And while many couples know about, or at least can easily read up on, the things that they can do to have better wedding photos. Maybe you don’t know a few tips that can go a long way into having your wedding film be the best wedding film it can be.


1) Minimize the background music

Who doesn’t love to jam to some favorite tunes while they are getting ready? I know we sure do. Especially when we are in the long process of preparing everything for a wedding day film. We will pull up Spotify on the iPad and crank it up while we get ready.

But when your cinematographers arrive on scene ready to film the bride getting ready, you’ll do yourself a great service by turning the music way down or better yet, off all together. The background music can override the lovely dialogue. It will also compete with the music in your wedding film.

Your cinematographer will have more options if you minimize the background music and you’ll end up with a better wedding film.

2) Reduce the Clutter

A couple of these go hand in hand with better wedding photographs as well. And this is one of them.

We realize that the wedding day preparation can be hectic and that makeup, clothing, and other nick knacks can be strewn all over the place while everyone is rushing to get ready. If at all possible, have someone in charge of keeping things tidy in the areas where you are getting ready.

It will make for better photographs and a better wedding film without all the clutter in the shots.

3) How to look your best in your wedding film

Natural light is a must for us wedding filmmakers. We don’t have the benefit of flashes as do photographers. Allowing natural light to fill the rooms will make your wedding film look so much better. If you can, have the makeup artist get you ready near a window and/or make sure the blinds and curtains are open to allow in that beautiful, natural light.

Bridal window light

4) The Most Memorable Moments

Some of the most unique, sweet, and memorable moments we’ve captured, and I’m sure you’ve seen from other wedding films, are those first looks, gift/note exchanges, as well as the reading of their own vows to one another during the ceremony. If you don’t have any of these incorporated into your wedding day, take a second look at them. These little moments make for AMAZING wedding films.

That’s it. Four tips that you can apply to make your amazing wedding film even better.

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