Our first babies!!!

Tracie and I are totally animal lovers.  We both knew that the moment we got married and got our own place, we would have pets.

Our very first baby was Patches, who is a Jack Russell Terrier.  We are dog lovers and we knew we wanted a dog that is very active and energetic.  And boy did we get it!  Jack Russells require lots of play time and exercise.

Patches is still apart of the family even now. She is 12 years old at the writing of this post.

And about the same time we got Patches, we also got two outside cats. Both were a dusky grey color and were very hard to tell apart.  We named them, Dusk and Dawn.  We are really more dog people that we are cat people but we love that cats keep away rodents and snakes and Dusk and Dawn did a wonderful job at doing that.  They both lived long lives as outside cats. Dawn disappeared last year and we buried Dusk just last month.

Before Dusk past away however, we did get two more kittens both of which are pitch black.  Our son, Gavin named them Smokey and Cheeto. Go figure.  We knew Dusk was getting old and would have to be replaced before too long and we wanted our rodent and reptile repellents to learn their hunting skills from the best.  And Dusk was an extremely efficient killer.  So we got Smokey and Cheeto while Dusk was still around for them to learn from.

I think they learned well because they’ve already killed several baby snakes this year!


Patches and the cats were always the best of friends!