Chateau Elan Wedding Photos

Alisia & Terry – April 30, 2016

We had such a wonderful time photographing this wedding of Alisia and Terry.  They are such a wonderful couple, so nice, welcoming, and friendly as was ALL the family.  And their love and now their marriage is rooted and grounded not only in each other but also in their faith and love for Christ.  It is so wonderful to see couples placing their marriage and their families in the hands of our heavenly father.

It threatened rain all day. In fact it rained on us several times on our way to Chateau Elan.  But God is good and the rain held off long enough to perform the wedding ceremony and take a few pictures afterward.


How beautiful is this little ceremony site in the vineyards underneath this big tree?  It is just the perfect setting for a peaceful, tranquil setting don’t you think?



Who doesn’t adore a lovely stroll through the vineyards?


This couple looked absolutely amazing but the best part was that you could just feel the happiness oozing out of both of them.  They were ecstatic to be together, to be married, to be in love. It was so wonderful to see.







To be honest, when we were taking Terry’s portraits before the ceremony we weren’t sure if we could get him to smile.  We thought maybe he is just one of those guys who doesn’t show a lot of emotions.  But just LOOK at him as he sees his gorgeous bride walking up through the vineyards to greet him at the ceremony site.  The joy, the excitement, the happiness, the love was so evident!



Alisia… what can we say?  You look absolutely stunning!



Alisia wanted a photo of her kiddos each kissing her on the cheek but she wasn’t totally sure if they would cooperate. They did… sorta of, lol.


She also wanted a photo of them rubbing Terry’s bald head.  She said, for whatever reason it was just something they liked to do… rub Terry’s head.  Terry had a good laugh because with it being 80 degrees out and in a suite, his head was slick with sweat.  “Eeewwwww… gross!” they yelled.




This last picture show perfectly how they felt the entire day.  All smiles, happiness, love, and joy!

Thank you Terry and Alisia for allowing us to be a part of your big day! May God bless the rest of your journey together!