Swan Lake Overlook

I wanted to share with you a brand new and very interesting wedding venue that just opened up in Dawsonville, GA in January 2020. It’s called Swan Lake Overlook.

And one of the more interesting features is the fact that this venue sits in the middle of a 200 acre estate that is a home to many exotic animals wandering about. You and your guests would have a very good chance of seeing Sika deer, Fallow deer, emus, alpacas, horses, and of course King Arthur, the big, white swan that is very protective of his little lake beside the Venue.

Photo by Nina Sutherland Photography


Swan Lake Overlook Aerial

Aerial view of Swan Lake Overlook

Inside, the venue is spacious and can accommodate up to a whopping 300 guests.  Natural light and nature itself is in abundance with windows and glass doors everywhere.

Swan Lake Interior
Photo by Nina Sutherland Photography

Swan Lake Overlook Details

I wanted to quickly talk about a few things that are often overlooked but make a big impact when choosing a wedding venue.

  • Parking – Swan Lake Overlook has plenty of guest parking on level ground right next to venue.  Being photographers and filmmakers, we can attest that this is rarely the case in north Georgia.  Your guests will appreciate this.  Your vendors will too
  • Bathrooms – This venue has plenty of stalls in both the men’s and women’s restrooms which means there will not be a line waiting to use the facilities.
  • Getting Ready Rooms – Swan Lake Overlook has spacious accommodations with lots of beautiful natural light for both the boys and the girls.  Again, this is something that is not very common for venues in north Georgia.  Your photographer and videographer will love the extra room to work and you will adore the beautiful getting ready photos!
  • Ceremony Locations – Swan Lake Overlook has made some great improvements to there ceremony location options since opening its doors in 2019. Outdoors you have the brick patio with the bride and groom standing up on the brick steps. The Hill Top that is now graded flat and paved. And of course you could have your ceremony inside which would require a room flip.

Swan Lake Overlook




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