Conley Creek Events – An Adorable New Chapel Venue

Conley Creek Events, located in Blairsville, GA, is such a great wedding venue find!  We were blown away by the charm of this place.  The adorable venue nestled in the forest grove.  The rustic event barn. The onsite cabins. The photo locations.  It is all just magic!

Check out the wedding video above to view all the details about Conley Creek Events.

In the wedding video Ashley, the bride, and Tyler, the groom, first met when they were in seventh grade.  They shared the same homeroom together.  The remained friend throughout grade school but then Ashley moved away out of state for college.  As fate would have it, they reconnected when Tyler moved near her to Austin, TX.

Their first date was big one!  They didn’t take it simple by meeting at a coffee shop or having dinner and a movie.  No, they attended Tyler’s sisters wedding as a couple when Ashley was home on Christmas break.  Talking about jumping in with both feet!

Tyler’s proposal was so sweet.  One day during an off-roading trip near their homes, they discovered a small freshwater spring and that is where they were hanging out on this momentous day.  While they and some friend were hanging out there, Tyler asked one of their friends to take some pictures of them.  And while they were taking pictures, Tyler got down on one knee and proposed. How sweet!

Wedding Vendors:

Catering: Rib Country

Photography: Queen Media

Hair and Makeup: Oliver Ramon Bridal

Band: Steven Phillips and the Midnight Express

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