Wedding Film Payment Plan

We get it. Planning a wedding is extremely time consuming and financially draining as well. You want an amazing wedding film SO BAD! But many times, after you’ve booked your venue and all your other vendors your budget is maxed out. That is why we’ve created this payment option.

We’ve got two main parts to creating an amazing wedding film for you. First is the day of filming where we spend hours with you on your wedding day filming all your many memories. And two, the many hours after your wedding we spend meticulously culling, editing, and creating your wedding day story into that final polished film.

The Wedding Film Payment Plan (no extra finance fees)

  • Half of the total amount would be due before the wedding and half up to a year after the wedding.
  • We would require $495 upfront to reserve your date.
  • $500 would be due two weeks prior to the wedding date (this covers half of the overall wedding film cost of $1995)
  • You’ve got up to a year after your wedding date to pay the remaining balance of $1000.

What’s the catch?

The catch is we will not begin editing your wedding film until the full amount is paid in full. Editing our style of wedding film takes a long time and we tell our clients that it may take up to 4 months to completely finish your wedding film. This of course depends on the backlog of films we have to edit and we can accrue a hefty backlog during peak wedding season when we are shooting every weekend.

So, once the final payment is made your wedding film will immediately be placed in our editing backlog and will be completed within 4 months.

Who this plan is for

This plan is for couples who don’t want to settle for a lesser quality wedding film. You want the best wedding film possible and you don’t mind waiting a little longer to have it.

What will the payments be after the wedding date?

That, my friend, is completely up to you! Let’s say you pay $100 this month and then maybe you had a little more money the next month and you make a payment of $300. You make the call. The sooner you get it paid off, the sooner you get your finished wedding film back!

So, if you are interested in our Wedding Film Payment Plan, simply contact us and let us know!