Our Favorite 2015 Wedding Detail Photos


Love this ring shot. This was shot with a technique that is new to us. Macro photography is known for having extremely shallow depth of field. But with a little ingenuity we were able to get both rings in focus.


Love this bride’s shoes and even more so her handmade bouquet made out of book pages. It took her a whopping forty hours to make each bouquet. All her bridesmaids had one as well. The photo of the wedding dress in the chapel makes use of a little invention we came up with ourselves that allows us to take photographs of the wedding dress anywhere we choose. Finding a good spot to hang the dress for photos was always a great challenge before we made our portable dress hanger upper. 🙂



So in love with this shot here. The photo was made with a technique that we use more and more these days because the results are phenomenal. Combining multiple exposures in post production can provide you with an image that just isn’t possible with an ordinary photography.