Wolf Mountain Vineyard Wedding Film

Vallon & Solomon – September 1, 2019



This was such a memorable wedding with a fantastic couple. It was a day filled with laughing and crying and just wonderful memories.

But my favorite memory from this wedding are the emotional words from Vallon’s father. Here is what he said in his toast during the reception.

“This is a very emotional moment for me. This is Vallon that I love so much. After she was born the nurse was able to take Vallon to her mother for that bonding moment. But in the mean time, I had the opportunity to intercept her. And, I took her from the nurse, put her in my arms and I looked down upon her and I looked into her eyes and we bonded from the very first moment. And even today that bond has never been broken.

So, Solomon, you’ve got your hands full.”

Vallon is soooo sweet. So full of joy, vibrant, and so fun to talk. I remember when I just had her wedding film finished and I sent it off to her to view for the first time.

To be honest, the moment when we send off finished wedding films is pretty nerve racking. I mean, I’m confident in the quality of the work we produce but you just never really know how the couple will respond. And so far, thank God, we haven’t had a bad response yet! But still, you never know when you’ll get that first one. Sometimes, we get an email response raving about it. Occasionally, we never even get a response back and so we wonder, until they post the happy news on their social media.

Anyway, after sending the wedding film off to Vallon, I went on about my day and about 20 minutes later we get a phone call. The caller ID said it was Vallon and immediately my heart leapt in my throat. We’ve never gotten an phone call right after sending a film off. This was either really bad or really good. As we were saying our greetings I could tell that she had been crying. I thought to myself, oh no, this could be worse than I thought.

As it turns out she was overjoyed and overcome with emotion. And through the sniffles she told us how much she loved the wedding film and how much it meant to her. My heart was relieved! What a wonderful moment!