The Willows Farm Wedding

Yasmine & Ryan – June 16, 2018


June 16, 2018 was the date we first date that we got to work at the Willows Farm. And since then it has quickly become one of our absolute favorite venues in north Georgia.

Likewise, this wedding film is still one of the favorite films that we’ve ever done. And this is a testament to the couple, their families, and the wedding itself.

One of the things that made this wedding film great was the fact that the officiant is a such a great orator. The following paragraph is a section from the wedding ceremony itself.

“Marriage is an institution of Devine appointment and is commended honorable among all men. And apart from salvation, marriage is the most important step we take in life and it should never be entered into unadvisedly, or lightly, but discreetly, and soberly. And in this estate, you have come now to be joined in marriage.”

And then this prayer, which was also spoken during the ceremony, worked fantastically overlaid upon their couple portraits.

“Heavenly Father, we thank you for the day. Thank you for the privilege that we have to bring these two together. To unite them in marriage which is an eternal state. I pray that you bless them as the grow together, as they begin family, as they do the things that couples do. And as they grow through this life I pray that you would be with them and that they would always have your touch upon their lives. And that they would seek you in the good and when the days are not so good. I pray that you would keep them safe. Bless their families. Give them encouragement. And we thank you for blessing this time we have together. And we give you thanks for what you do, in Jesus’ name, amen.”