We Killed It Wedding Video

Amanda & David – August 24, 2019

We Killed It wedding video filmed at the beautiful Chota Falls.  Here are a few snippets from their wedding vows…

“David is the kind of person anyone would be lucky to call a friend. He would go to the ends of the earth for you and bail you out of jail after it is all said and done. I tell you all this to help you understand how much this man means to me. And, to help you remember that the bonds that pull us together as a family is much more than a bloodline or a title. It’s the love, the stories, and the memories that tie us all together and in the end they are the only things left we’ll have when we leave this earth.”

“Amanda has the biggest heart I’ve ever known. She would do anything for anybody in this room. I know people always talk about how if they could have handpicked someone better to be with their sibling it would be them. But, I truly believe that God sent Amanda straight from Heaven… or from the Jersey Shore to be with my brother.”