Surprise Proposal at Yonah Mountain Vineyards

Austin & Lauren

Austin contacted us to photograph and video his surprise proposal to his lovely girlfriend, Lauren. After emailing back and forth a bit, we began to help Austin plan out the details of the surprise. On the day of the proposal, we arrived early to Yonah Mountain Vineyard to begin setting up and scouting out a perfect location for the proposal.  Austin brought Lauren to the vineyard saying that he had a date reservation for them. All Lauren was expecting was a nice meal, but little did she know, Austin had so much more planned. When the couple arrived, we approached them claiming to be shooting a promotional video for the vineyard and asked if they would mind helping us out. When they agreed we asked if Austin would mind saying a short line for us: “Isn’t this view amazing?” It’s only 4 words, so it’s nothing to worry about we told him; but Austin had a different 4 words in mind. All this gave us the perfect opportunity to clip the lavaliere microphone to Austin’s jacket to get the audio of the proposal without Lauren expecting a thing.

We took the couple to the location we had previously picked out and had them hold hands while walking across the vineyard for the video. Then we began, as soon as we shouted “action,” Austin got down on one knee and proposed to a completely surprised but delighted girlfriend. She said yes, of course, and was so happy to be engaged to her new fiance.



Lauren was overjoyed to accept Austin’s proposal.



Yonah Mountain Vineyards set up this sweet arrangement with 2 glasses and a bottle of champagne for the happy couple to toast their future together.



The bride and groom to-be sharing a quiet moment together before we start taking their couple portraits.


Austin and Lauren make such a beautiful couple! Just look at how happy they are to be together!


Austin did a great job choosing this gorgeous engagement ring for his new fiance!


Thanks to this amazing couple for letting us be a part of their special moment!