R-Ranch in the Mountains Wedding

Margaret & Daniel – July 18, 2015

This wedding was such a wonderful wedding that took place at R-Ranch in the Mountains. The weather was a little warm. It was July after all. But the lighting was magical and the couple was so marvelous to work with!

We adore the fact that Daniel is a firefighter. We have the utmost respect for all our service men and women whether it be firefighters, police officers, military personal, anyone who selflessly puts themselves in harms way to keep all the rest of us safe. So thank you Daniel for your service!

Margaret was a beautiful bride with some gorgeous red hair. She was so warm and inviting and very excited to be working with us which always makes us feel great.

We had the most amazing email from the couple after they received their wedding photos that we just had to share.

Tracie and Jeremy,
I just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the wedding pictures! They are GORGEOUS and it was so wonderful to relive that day. You two are truly gifted and I’m so thankful I came across your page and was able to book you guys. I wish there were enough words to describe how happy I am with the pictures, but there aren’t. I was so thrilled to share them with everyone and tell them how great you were. I hope you guys continue to make couples as happy as we are for many, many years!
Take care,

Margaret and Daniel

The photo below was a shot of the couple just as the sun was setting below the mountains leaving behind a magnificent golden sky. We were able to frame the shot just right to capture the sun’s starburst in between the couple as they welcomed the night time sky with a kiss.

Bride and Groom portrait


Bridesmaids Portraits


Daddy sees bride for first time

We can’t get over the emotion in these photos as daddy sees his daughter as a bride for the first time! The location couldn’t have been more perfect. We were setup underneath a gigantic oak tree atop a hill with a panoramic view of the rolling, grassy hills beyond.

Margaret waited with heightened anticipation as dad made his way up the hill, around the big oak, and into view. Emotions erupted from both. Smiles… tears… hugs… and the exchanging of love filled words. It was a beautiful thing.

Bride walking down the aisle

Ceremony kiss

Another one of our favorite moments from the day was the “you may now kiss your bride” moment. It wasn’t the normal lean in and kiss for a second or two moment. Instead, Daniel boldly takes his bride into his arms and dips her for a romantic kiss like something you would see in a movie!

Bridal party portraits

The lighting was utterly magical by the time we were taking the bridal party portraits. There is a reason why us photographers call it the golden hour for it was truly golden!

Bride portaits

Bride and groom portraits

Bride and groom leaving pics

R-Ranch in the Mountains

This image has happened to become very popular for us with many people commenting about how much they love it. While Tracie was inside the lodge taking photos of the reception we noticed, through the abundance of windows in the lodge, the stunning colors happening outside above the mountains. I grabbed my camera and tripod and headed out into the night, up the hill in the dark, and once again underneath our favorite oak I captured this epic, sunset sky saturated with violets and oranges. To capture the vast dynamic range in lighting between the sky and the lodge, I used a favorite technique of mine. I took a double exposure, exposing once for the sky and another for the lodge and then I combined them in post processing allowing us to see every detail that just wouldn’t be possible with a normal photograph.