Four Oaks Manor Wedding Film

Derek & Brittany Bond – May 13, 2017

It’s like a movie full of amazing scenes one after the other. It begins slow; the guests arrive at Four Oaks Manor and they’re all carrying nervous smiles spread across their features. The excitement grows with each person that shows up and Brittany, the bride, gives Derek, the groom, a kiss on the cheek. They’re tightly holding each other by the hand. When Derek looks her in the eye, he feels like the luckiest man alive – Brittany is gorgeous in her wedding dress, she looks like a princess or… More like the best woman of a Bond movie, the woman that stays by James Bond no matter what happens.

The wedding isn’t an action movie, thankfully, albeit the many feelings rushing through the bride and groom’s bodies make it seem so. They’re both giddy, can’t stop smiling and kissing each other. When it comes to take their vows, Derek stares into Brittany’s eyes. He sees the hot tears start to form in the corners of her eyes and wishes more than anything that he could lean in and kiss them away. The bride chokes on her words although her smile grows stronger.

“You may kiss the bride.”


Derek presses his lips against the love of his life and his stomach flips in a familiar feeling – love. Every time he touches Brittany, he feels a surge of pure, never ending love. He wants to hold the woman and spend the rest of his life together with her. ‘Mr and Mrs Bond’, he really likes the sound of that.

Just as expected, the wedding passes perfectly. Everyone is happy, they’re all dancing to the loud music and enjoying themselves. When the night comes, however, Derek’s favorite part arrives. He gets onto the motorbike, helps Brittany sit behind him and grins. All the guests have formed a path, each of them holding a bright Bengali fire that illuminates the path. The quiet whirring of the motorbike engine is drowned by the hissing of the fire and the cheers from the crowd as the newly married ride through the sparks. Brittany has her arms tightly wrapped around Derek’s waist as she leans her head against his back, smiling.

Mr and Mrs Bond have made their first movie.