What a wonderful couple Elizabeth and Adam are. They were both so very welcoming, friendly, and accommodating. The kind of couple we just love working with!

Before Elizabeth and Adam knew one another, Elizabeth had, unknowingly at the time, worked with Adam’s aunt for 9 years up in North Carolina. And as she planned to move down to Florida by herself, the aunt mentioned that she had a nephew down in Florida that was about the same age as her.

And so they happened to look one another up on Facebook and they begin chatting and after a few weeks conversation on Facebook they decided to meet each in person at Universal Studios. And as you can hear in the wedding film, it was love at first site.

But the best part for us is that you could easily tell, even from the initial email inquiries, that both of them are head over heels in love with one another. It is just a beautiful thing to see.

At one point during the bride and groom portraits the photographer commented that Adam just looked so happy and Adam replied, “How could I not be happy when I’m with this girl.” And then he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

It is this kind of visible love that makes Tracie and I re-examine ourselves and our relationship even after 10 years of marriage to make sure that we still have that same abundance of love for one another now as we did on our wedding day.

To Adam and Elizabeth, thank you for reminding all of us what true love is. As you go through life’s journey together and you find yourselves in the dark valley as we all find ourselves from time to time, pull out your wedding film, watch it, and remind yourselves that true love conquers all and that together you can help one another back up to that mountain top.